History of Bonbonier

Bonbonier is a small business which made a childhood dream come true. It embodies the love for chocolate, passion, creativity, and art as well. We created artisinal products from the best Belgian chocolate in addition to our bonbons, which can be a great, personalized, unique gift for anybody. Many people don’t even realise what chocolate can do. Variations and creations can only be limited by your imagination.

The name itself -Bonbonier- perfectly encapsulates what we are doing here, as it means a small gift box, in which our grandparents stored sweets and candies, which they invited their grandchildren to take some, with love. It also carries the meaning of the sweets and the chocolate shop. “Chocolate inside and out” answers the question that we always get: This is chocolate, that is chocolate, is even that made of chocolate?

A couple words about myself: After 9 years in the advertising industry I decided to take a step and do what I always wanted to. After years of preparation, I received a Chocolateur diploma, and after another years of experimenting, some help from my friends and the unwavering support of my partner, Bonbonier was born. And now, we pave the way of the company together.

A csapat: Nóri és Tomi

A csapat: Nóri és Tomi